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1969 Camaro COPO 427

In the owners words: I bought the car in 1972 after graduating high school, it was my first car. My father knew a salesman at Parker Reynolds Chevrolet, we were supposed to go and buy a 68 rs/ss convertible with 19000 miles on it but by the time we got there it had been sold. So I looked around the used car lot and saw a beautiful 69 Camaro, glacier blue. I took it for a ride, while driving it I hit the gas in second gear and just lit the tires up that was the deciding factor in buying the car. When we got back to the dealer and I wouldn’t get out of it, so my dad went in and did the paperwork. It didn’t take long about a day to start terrorizing the surrounding neighborhoods. Street racing was almost a daily thing. After the first winter came headers, a 850 double pumper carb, a 620 lift cam, 9 inch slicks and traction bars. At Norwalk it went 11.62 at 117 miles an hour not to bad for a daily driver. It took a lot of punishment. After I bought a home the car sat in the garage for 30 years until it went to super car work shop.